About NBBR

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The No Border Camp Berlin Reloaded (NBBR) should be understood as a long-term political program including different No Border camp spaces located in and around Berlin, which will be put in place from August 2013. The NBBR process is based on infrastructures and autonomous self-organization. Therefore its main focus is set on creating, providing and maintaining political spaces for people of asylum home initiatives / destitute people, where their human rights are actually realized on a long-term and permanent basis.

Therefore, the NBBR is calling out to collectively create safe zone(s), free of neo-nazis , police and racial hate attacks exercised by them and state agents, amongst others. It is a safe space when Blacks and Refugees are also not attacked at any time by these agents and racist citizens. These alternative physical asylum and safer spaces are material proof of the state’s failures in fulfilling, respecting and protecting the rights that make us human beings.

The NBBR pre-preparation is a network of asylum home and non-asylum home activists (Refugee activists and activists without relation to asylum), organized in several working groups. The groups are based on tasks, therefore participants within the pre-preparation process have been positioning beyond identity politics as a political principle.