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Politically engaged lawyers provide legal counseling (please see table for the dates) in the framework of No Border Camp Berlin Reloaded. Focus: German law and its limitations in the context of Residency, Asylum and Social questions.

Wednesdays 18:00-20:00
Please note that counseling takes place in two locations, for actual dates refer to the table  below.

Please make an appointment.

In German and English: for translations please request 3-4 days in advance. Counseling is free of charge.

Ami* Curiae
Prinzenallee 58 C
(2. Backyard, Ground floor or 1. Backyard Left)
13359 Berlin

NBBR Contact Office
in New Yorck im Bethanien
Mariannenplatz 2a
southern wing 2nd floor (Entrance via Waldemarstr.)
10997 Berlin

JUNE 2017

07.06.2017 Ami* Curiae (Prinzenallee 58c)

14.06.2017 Office New Yorck (Mariannenplatz 2a)

21.06.2017 Ami* Curiae (Prinzenallee 58c)

28.06.2017 Office New Yorck (Mariannenplatz 2a)

JULY 2017

05.07.2017 Ami* Curiae (Prinzenallee 58c)

12.07.2017 Office New Yorck (Mariannenplatz 2a)

19.07.2017 Ami* Curiae (Prinzenallee 58c)

26.07.2017 Office New Yorck (Mariannenplatz 2a)


02.08.2017 Ami* Curiae (Prinzenallee 58c)

09.08.2017 Office New Yorck (Mariannenplatz 2a)

16.08.2017 Ami* Curiae (Prinzenallee 58c)

23.08.2017 Office New Yorck (Mariannenplatz 2a)

30.08.2017 Ami* Curiae (Prinzenallee 58c)