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The accommodation team organises accommodation for all asylum home / undocumented activists who would like to participate in the political programs of the NBBR. Many asylum homes are located on the outskirts of Berlin/Brandenburg as part of the governmental plan to isolate Refugees. Thus it is often impossible and dangerous for activists to travel, especially late at night. Therefore the NBBR will provide accommodation, childcare, food and refreshment for asylum home / undocumented activists.

Asylum home / undocumented activists who attend the political programs of the NBBR are guaranteed the possibility for accommodation the night after the meetings in private homes and house-projects, who offer space regularly in political solidarity and at no costs. The idea is for asylum home / undocumented activists to possibly stay at the same location every week / every time they attend a meeting, thus the activists and hosts can get to know each other.

  • Necessity-specific accommodation, e.g. without barriers, for women only or people with children can be provided.
  • The accommodation also includes a warm meal and if wanted childcare during the meetings, and breakfast provided by the hosts.
  • Means for transportation from and to the asylum homes and within Berlin will be organised by a transportation group. (Please keep in mind, that NBBR has no financial funding but is based on infrastructures.)

The accommodation provided by hosts through NBBR is an important part of the political process of NBBR. All participants – hosts or activists – have a political motivation to be engaged in the accommodation of the NBBR-process. Therefore we consider the accommodation to be a political sphere. The accommodation does not provide individual solutions, but collective, secure resting places for the participants of the NBBR-programs.

To contact the Accommodation-infrastructure, either to offer accommodation or to use accommodation, please use the open NBBR office hours:

Mondays 4- 8 p.m. and /or call or write to the NBBR.