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What about the finance-structure?
The NBBR preparation and camp will be autonomously financed: there will be no collaboration with state institutions, NGOs and other agencies who form part of what we call the good-cop bad-cop game: Both the state (bad cop) and so called independent organisations/ groups (good-cop) that receive money for working with Refugees (e.g. from the UN, EU or state) have no honest interest in changing the situation of Refugees but rather to sustain the status quo. The state and private companies such as private security B.O.S.S. have an enormous economic interest in the deportation machinery. By financing ‘independent’ initiatives that work with and for Refugees the state tries to cover its total inhumanity. The „good cop“ are initiatives, self-organized groups and even Refugee self-organizations because although they claim to struggle for a profound change of situation for Refugees, they too, are mainly interested in securing their jobs, the money-flow that is made possible by their work and the prestige-benefit of „helping Refugees“. This means that they have a strong economic interest to re/produce the dependency of Refugees and rather struggle against any autonomy Refugees could gain. Here another aspect enters the picture: because the initiatives and groups receive such sums of funding but are not willing to struggle for changes, they blame the Refugees for their anticipated failure which leads once more to a criminalization of Refugees. Basically, all these different agencies re/produce the political expediency to maintain their personal benefit of the economic expediency, on the back of Refugees.

The exercise of political rights is independent of money! It does not need to be sponsored. The notion of money is only used to compromise the exertion of fundamental rights and freedoms.

For all theses reasons NBBR is not based on money and will not work together with any of these agencies, nor expect or accept any funding from them. NBBR will remain fully financially autonomous from all that. We are not claiming to have the solution, but we are convinced that to recognize ourselves as part of the problem is the first step to a solution.

So, how will funds be raised?
Funds be raised by the various infrastructure-working groups, including the book-keeping group through soli-events and activities. While the infrastructural working groups will remain autonomous in their fund-raising, fund-raising is a common task based on solidarity and collective responsibility.
The infrastructure working groups idependently raise funds for the specific needs of the corresponding infrastructures. At the same time there will be a general fund which is constituted by the funds raised by the book-keeping group and contributions by all infra-structure working groups. This means, for example, that when the transportation infrastructure working group raises funds they contribute a certain amount to the ‘general fund’. This ‘general fund’ serves as a security-fund, which means it can be accessed in cases of emergency, in cases none of the infrastructure-working groups is responsible and in case infra-structure working groups can not cover their expenses..

How will the funds me administrated?
The funds will be stored on the trust account facilitated by a trusted law counsel. Even though the money on the account itself will not be separated into different accounts, this will be done through the bookkeeping.

Through this system it is always transparent and comprehensible how many funds have been raised and is available to the infrastructure-working groups. In the book-keeping all the infra-structure working groups have a digital account, where it can be seen from where and when funds were raised and on what and when funds were spent. An (print-out) overview of the complete book-keeping will be available at all times.

Who will administrate the funds?
The book-keeping-group’s activities are limited to the bookkeeping and administration of the trust-account. This means concretely that the book-keeping group will not spent any money nor decides on what money is spend.
The infra-structure working groups independently organize how and on what the funds are spent. This is to make sure that there is no mishandling of funds from the side of the book-keeping group. The infra-structure working groups access the cash needed to support the infrastructures from the book-keeping office, where it will be noted when, to whom and how much is accessed. Although this creates a minimal bureaucratic structure it seems unavoidable to ensure that the handling of funds is transparent and secure.

In case that there is no infrastructural working group responsible for a certain request or expense: It will be defined collectively on what things funds will be spent and the book-keeping is not authorized to give out funds higher than 50€ in cases that do not fall under the defined expenses or in cases of emergency. In these cases the book-keepers are responsible to explain their decision to the collective.

An overview of the book-keeping can be accessed whenever wanted. In this overview all incomes, movements and expenses will be listed in detail. Once a month there will be a report (where the data will be represented in a more comprehensible way), including account-statements etc.

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