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Collective Food Network

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As activists of an independent infrastructure-group, we are building up a self-organized, long-term vegan food-infrastructure within the framework of No Border Camp Berlin Reloaded (NBBR).

As independent infrastructure-group we built a vegan food-infrastructure for regular meetings and seminars such as the ‘applied rights & law seminars’. (Further there will be a food-infrastructure for the permanent camp, a more detailed flyer about it will be published soon).

The building up of the food-infrastructure is organized independently from state and NGO financing. To manage that, we network with self-organized food-infrastructures/VoKü-groups as well as with independent asylum home activists and non-asylum home activists, who would like to take part in a collective long-term organisation-process. We reach out for activists who would also like to take responsibility for practical tasks such as cooking at regular seminars and meetings etc. Further, we want to establish a long-term and independent food-chain, which means we network with regional political agricultural structures, Food-Coops etc. to work out collective ways of sharing resources. As independent infrastructure-group we work with the political principles of non discrimination (e.g no sexism, no racism, no ableism, no discrimination based on status, no homophobia, no transphobia,no ageism…) amongst others.

How to participate?
If you are a collective or independent activist and you would like to participate in the building up of an independent food-infrastructure in the framework of NBBR, if you like to cook collectively, plan and exchange than contact us!

Mail: cfn [at] riseup.net
Blog: http://collectivefoodnetwork.blogsport.eu