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Translation for All

Translation For All is building up an autonomous translation infrastructure group to provide translation from and into various languages, to make information, assemblies and organisation across language-borders possible. Translations ensure that discussions and information is accessible to everyone and thus facilitate participation and socio-political self-organisation.

Translation For All supports programs of the No Border Camp Berlin Reloaded and its connected infrastructures such as Secure Transport for All, Food for All, Legal Course Program with translations.

Political Principles

The translation infrastructure should not be understood as a replacement for the state-duty to provide translations. Everyone has the right to request translations for official meetings and letters from the administration. Translation for All will support such requests. Even if the lawyer says that your claims would not be successful, the request should have a positive effect on your asylum case.

Translation For All works on the basis of political principles such as equality, non-discrimination, transparency, sincerity, respectful treatment and communication, accessibility for everyone and independence from any state institutions and organisations. Because not all activists have regular access to the internet, we communicate in the meetings and on the phone. People can get involved on different levels.

How to participate

If you are interested to join the translation infrastructure or to do translations – written or oral – from time to time you can contact us or come to one of our regular meetings (see below). Usually translations are needed from german or english into other languages and vice versa.

Until now, the languages that have been mostly requested, amongst others, are arabic, russian, farsi, french, romanes and vietnamese. We would also like to provide translations into and from sign languages.


We are planning workshops about translations, where skills can be shared, problems discussed and possible solutions be tried out.


E-Mail: translationforall@riseup.net
Phone: 01578-4960744