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Autonomous transport for the No Border Camp Berlin Reloaded  Since many asylum homes are in remote areas and through the human rights violating legislation of Residenzpflicht it is difficult for activists, sometimes dangerous and mostly expensive to come to in socio-political events like the NBBR.  This is part of the official efforts to isolate affected individuals.

Transportation for activists
In order to fulfill the right to freedom of movement, which also means to break through the political boundaries that were built by the racist state and asylum home policies, free and secure transportation will be provided. For this, cars and drivers are needed, as well as the organization of joint train rides and corresponding tickets. The transport infrastructure is autonomous and autonomously self-funded, which means the collective funding is organized through solidarity events.

In addition, the transportation infrastructure will also support the mobilization tours by bringing materials such as flyers and posters to the camps .

The concept
Activists who are forced to live in Lagers, can contact the transportation infrastructure or NBBR (see below) to organize transport for themselves and others. For that it is necessary to let us know when and for how many people transportation should be organized. This will then be coordinated with the activists who provide cars and/or do driving, accompany trips on public transportation,

During transportation the political principles of transparency, non- discrimination , responsibility and reliability apply.

Emergency Workshops
All drivers and transportation-accompanying activists should participate in a safety / emergency workshop before providing transportation. In the workshops the different emergency situations are discussed , especially in regard to racist police controls, other racist attacks and on which legal foundations one can deal with the incidents.

For activists and groups who want to share their cars                  Activists who want to share or make available their cars , it would be good to provide a brief flyer with basic information about the car (and if possible, leave a car), with the following information :

  • Car Insurance ( Valid for whom etc. )
  • Car papers ( Where are they stored ? )
  • Basic information (automatic gear? What should be tanked ? )
  • Special features of the car
  • Any rules (eg. people should not eat in the car)
  • Are all legal requirements ( ” the car is equipped with all the proper things ?”) met?
  • When would the car be generally available?

Contact:                                                                                                            If you are interested to make trips, sharing cars and/or other infrastructure ( eg ticket) have questions, suggestions, please contact us:

Open office hours of the transportation infrastructure for NBBR: Every Tuesday from 17-19 clock in NbBr Office in New Yorck in the Bethanien ( Mariannenplatz 2a)

Mail:  secure_transport [at] riseup.net
Blog: http://securetransportforall.blogsport.eu/en/
Tel.: (coming soon)

Workshop-dates for drivers, public-transport accompanying activists and participating undocumented activists:

  • will be published soon